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​Our Story 


KGK stands for “Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai", which means “Fellowship of Christian Students”.


In 1947, following the end of WWII, Waseda University held classes on Sundays in order to make up for lack of available classrooms.  Since this conflicted with church services, two Christian students started to hold an on-campus worship meeting during lunch time. This later led to a daily prayer meeting which met in a dusty storage shed.


The fellowship was named “Kirisutosha Gakusei Kai.”  Shortly after that, an inter-collegiate Christian students’ gathering took place at a classroom in Nippon Medical School from June 14th, 1947.After a few meetings, the gathering moved to Ochanomizu and continued every Saturday.  Missionaries and other foreign workers came alongside of the students, which eventually led to KGK’s affiliation with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students).  Through God’s provision, KGK acquired an office and meeting room in Ochanomizu.  The student work spread to other universities in Kanto, then to Kansai, Tohoku and all over Japan.


KGK is a “movement”.  KGK is not primarily about activities: it is a movement led by God’s Word and his Spirit, which changes students’ lives.  It is not meant to end as a happy memory from student days; the change which students experience through KGK last their whole lives. 


Activities vary according to region and campus.  People’s walks of life become very diverse after graduation.  Yet, throughout the 70 years of KGK’s history, we have maintained that if you hold to the “KGK spirit” as outlined below, you are a participant in the KGK movement.

The KGK Spirits (Three Pillars)


1. Evangelical: Knowing the richness of the Gospel


We seek to know the holistic riches of the Gospel to which Scripture testifies because we believe, study and obey the Bible as God’s Inerrant Word.


2. Inter-Denominational: Building up the Church of Christ


We seek to build up the local churches and the global church of Christ through the fellowship of Christian students from evangelical churches.

3. Student Initiative: Bearing witness in all areas of life through the whole life


We seek to become graduates who bear witness to the Gospel in all areas of life throughout our lives; in areas such as church, family, workplace, local community, and nation.  This comes through living out the Gospel as students and taking responsibility of activities in response to God’s grace.

​Our Ministry


Campus Fellowship


We are having Bible Study and prayer meetings in many universities and colleges. We encourage each other to live out of the Gospel even if there is only one student in her/ his campus. Staff minister and GA visit campus to pray and encourage with students.


Block Fellowship


Block is a fellowship of students whose university or college are close each other. We are having a block meeting for prayer, Bible study and evangelism.


Regional Fellowship


We have 9 regions, and their gatherings and camps are prepared by student leaders. Each region has their agreement and membership, and through having a general assembly, not only student leaders but all student members are taking responsibility on their activities.

Each region's Website are Here


National Fellowship


KGK has a national representative committee from each region, and they hold National Conference (NC) every three years. National Evangelical-student Training (NET) is held in other year. There are online national meetings for the same school year students.

Graduate Fellowship


KGK is the movement which builds up the Church of Christ. It means that KGK should not be the group which impacts students’ life. It should be the group which impacts graduates’ whole life. There are graduates fellowship in each region, graduates encourage each other, remember KGK’s mission, study about the work, marriage (family), and local church from the Bible. There are fellowships of different areas, age groups, and job categories. In 1954, graduates appointed staff ministers as full-time minister for KGK. Graduates are the most important supporters for KGK.


International Fellowship


From the beginning, KGK had the fellowship with student ministries in other countries. In 1956, KGK affiliated IFES, and as a member of East Asia Region, we received many blessings from EARC, (East Asia Regional Conference) EAGC, (East Asia Graduate Conference) and staff trainings. We are sending our delegates to WA (World Assembly) of IFES every four years.

IFES Website is Here

Board Member

KGK has 7 board members who have final authority of the organization. Board members appoint KGK staff.

If you want to know more about KGK...

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KGK has a book entitled “Evangelism of/ by/ for Students.” It is a book which tells more about KGK. So far, we only have Japanese edition, but planning to publish English edition in the future.

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