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Give by Credit Card

Thank you so much for thinking about supporting us through finances. If you are living in abroad, you can give by credit card. If you are living in Japan, you also can give by bank account.


​Please enter the amount you wish to give in Japanese Yen (\) and then press the button below to move on.

  • The minimum amount that can be given is 500 yen.

  • Please specify the name of the staff member or region that you wish to support on the next page, at "SUPPORT" column.

  • If you don’t choose a particular person or region, the gift will go towards the KGK general fund.

Credit Card Usage Information (Please read if you are a new user)


Cards that can be used
As long as your card has the logo of one of the international brands (VISA or MASTER), you can use it regardless of the card company that issued it.


Payment method
The amount you have applied for will be transferred from your designated account in the same manner as regular credit card transactions, based on the terms and conditions of each credit card company. Please confirm the transfer date on the statement sent by your credit card company.


Issuance of receipts
If you would like to receive a receipt, please let the KGK office know. The date on the receipt will not be the date of receipt of your donation, but the date of payment to KGK from the settlement agency (Cloud Payment). Since receipts will be issued after confirming the receipt of donations, it may take 2 to 4 months from the date of receipt of donations to the issuance of receipts. Thank you for your understanding.


About security
We use an encrypted communication technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to ensure that data can be sent and received with confidence. When personal information entered by donors, including card information, is sent to the server, the communication is encrypted by this SSL. As a result, the personal information of donors cannot be read by outside third parties.


If you would like to specify the recipient of your donation, please fill in the "recipient" field on the payment screen.
(Example 1: XX Region) (Example 2: XX Region Dues) (Example 3: XX Staff Designation) If you enter "
None", your donation will be accepted as a donation to KGK as a whole.


About Automatic Remittance
The withdrawal date for automatic remittance is the 10th of every month. (The first debit will be on the tenth day of the month following the date of registration.
When you register for the first time, you will receive an email with the message "Settlement amount: $0", but please be assured that no donation has been made at this point. The first automatic remittance start date will be the "next billing date" listed in the same email.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I renew the expiration date of my credit card?

(1) About one month before the expiration date, you will receive a renewal notice from the settlement agency to your registered e-mail address.

(2) Open the URL provided in the email, and you will see a screen to enter your "automatic billing number. If you enter the "automatic billing number" in the email, you will be taken to the screen to update your credit card information. (Note: The adjacent "ID & PASSWORD" screen is not used.  Please enter your new information. Renewal registration is completed.

If you renew your membership after the 24th day of the renewal month, you will not be able to renew your membership by yourself. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please register for automatic credit card withdrawal again. Please note that your old credit card information has already been deactivated, so there is no need to contact us to deactivate it.


Q: I want to change my registered e-mail address. I no longer receive automatic remittance-related emails.

Please be sure to set up your account to receive e-mails from the payment processor as they are important communications. We will send you notifications of payment completion or failure, as well as notifications of credit card expiration date renewal. If you are not currently receiving these emails, or if you would like to change your address, please contact us at so that we can make the change for you.


Q: I registered for automatic withdrawal with my credit card, but the money is no longer being withdrawn.

If your credit card fails to debit on the 10th, it will be debited again on the 17th, and if it fails again on the 17th, it will be debited again on the 24th. If your credit card fails to be debited three times in a row, the payment processing company will automatically stop the automatic debit and you will not be debited on the 10th of the next month. In this case, supporters will not be able to update their information by themselves. If you wish to continue your donation, please register anew.


Q: I want to change the recipient of my support.

If you only want to change the recipient of your donation, please contact us. The office will register the change.


Q: I want to change the amount of my donation.
       Please contact: and we will change the amount.

Offering by Bank Account (Japanese Only)


00180-6-411815 KGK全国会計口


TEL: 03-3294-6916
内容 ①氏名、②住所、③献金内訳(例:○○地区、○○主事、会費)、④領収書の有無


【みずほ銀行】九段支店(店番532)普通 1151843

【三菱UFJ銀行】神田支店(店番331)普通 6512156

【三井住友銀行】 神保町支店(店番001)普通 2163528


TEL: 03-3294-6916
内容 ①氏名、②住所、③献金内訳(例:○○地区、○○主事、会費)、④領収書の有無
















TEL: 03-3294-6916(10:30-17:00、土・日曜及び「国民の休日」は休業)



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