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​Prayer Request

Updated in April


  • Give thanks for God’s protection on the Spring Camp, and that some students were led to decide to trust in Christ. Pray for protection on each of their ongoing walk of faith.

  • Pray for good preparation for all of the activities of the new academic year. Pray that each campus and local area group would be in good shape to welcome new first year students. Pray that through the welcome meetings during April and May, many students would be added to the various KGK groups.

  • Pray for salvation of those who are actively considering Christ. There are those who want to believe but feel certain barriers to faith. Pray that they would meet the Lord Jesus personally, and be led to a wholehearted profession of faith in him.

  • Pray for some students to make contact with KGK in Abashiri and Kushiro regions, and that the circle of fellowship would be enlarged.

  • Pray for KGK Hokkaido Graduates. May their walk of faith be protected in the places they’ve been sent; being connected to local churches and walking closely with the Lord. Pray that Christian relationships within the KGK Graduate Fellowship will be places of mutual encouragement in faith.

  • Pray for the life and ministry of Staff Worker Jun Sugimoto and Graduate Assistant Shin Maeda. Pray that their needs will be supplied, and pray for energy to serve well. Pray for protection on their travels during the new semester.


  • Give great thanks for 47 participants at the Regional Spring Camp. In recent years numbers have been around 30 participants, but this time many first-time participants attended, including those about to start university, and some not-yet believing students.

  • Pray for a healthy walk of faith for newly graduated believers, for new first year students, for new campus group leaders, and for new regional committee members.

  • Pray for overseas students on each campus. May KGK be a place of encouragement and mission for them too.

  • Pray for new part-time Tohoku Region KGK Staff Worker Kaho Nawatani. Pray that she would make a good start, upheld by the prayers and financial support of many people.

  • Pray for the work of Staff Worker Sosei Nagai, and for protection on his family life.


  • Pray for continued help for those affected by the New Year’s Day Noto Earthquake. Pray for wisdom for those giving assistance. Also do pray for the work of Christian disaster response organisation ‘Noto Help’ (

  • On 23rd February 6 students voluntarily joined Noto Help activities as volunteers. Also at the Hokuriku Region Spring Camp there were 9 students (8 of them from Hokuriku region) who participated and these also joined in volunteer activities.

  • Pray that in line with the Hokuriku KGK Regional theme for the 2024 academic year ‘Loving one another and holding out the Gospel’ (from John 13:34,5), students would love one another, and that the Gospel would go forth in the places they are sent to.

  • Pray for blessing on the campus Bible studies (as of January this year there were 5 active groups). Pray for first year students and other new members to join them.

  • Pray for God to greatly use the KGK Graduates Presentation Seminar (April 20th) – the topic is: ‘Ask any question to Pastor Kazuhiko Uchida – Bible, Christianity, Academic Study, Workplace, Marriage etc.’

  • Pray for protection on the work of the KGK Graduate Fellowship Committee members, and also the work of those who serve on the Supporting Churches Committee.

  • Pray for Hokuriku KGK Staff Worker Tomoko Narumi.

KANTO Region

  • Pray that empowered by the grace of salvation in Jesus Christ, all 4 aims for KGK Kanto Region would move forward: 1. Solid activities leading to obedience to God’s Word and devotion to the Lord Jesus. 2. Mutual partnership with students and KGK-affiliated university groups in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 3. Prayer for national and international mission. 4. Mutual support for the above 3 aims.

  • Pray that in each of the 280 universities and many junior colleges in the 8 Prefectures and one Metropolitan Area (Kanto and Koshin) which make up KGK Kanto region, there would be fellowships rooted in the Three-in-One God and centred around prayer and Bible study. May Jesus be more and more known amongst these 1.17 million-plus students.

  • From March 5th-7th the KGK Kanto Spring Camp was held – give thanks for a good time. Pray for the walk of those who attended, especially for those who graduated from university in March.

  • Pray for the ongoing walk of Staff Workers who are retiring in March (Shiori Tomita, Ikku Hashimoto and Mikuni Shimada), also those moving positions (Yu Kobayashi to become World Mission Department head and Asami Ishiyama moving to KGK Kansai region). We welcome to the Kanto Staff Worker team Naomi Sinclair, Luke Sinclair, Nohana Kobayashi, Keiya Kutaragi and Hikari Ogawa; Pray for this team of 11 to deeply know the salvation of Jesus, and to serve with Joy.

TOKAI Region

  • Pray that first year students would join KGK, become part of campus and local area groups, and mature as disciples as they fellowship with the groups.

  • Pray that the new KGK Tokai Student Committees for this year would be able to build up the work of the region using their wisdom and gifts, in line with the theme for this year ‘Update – To Serve the Lord with Joy’. Especially pray that the students in the Regional Steering committee would love and serve each of the other committees well.

  • Pray that the regional Welcome Camp would be used to help participants know more about KGK and get a deeper grasp of the theme of the year.

  • Pray for protection on the work of the regional KGK Graduate Fellowship. Pray that the network would be used to support the student work, and be a place of mutual encouragement for their own faith.

  • Pray for the work of the Supporting Churches Group Steering Committee. Amidst adjustments due to the changing of the chairperson, and new members joining, may God be pleased to use this committee more and more.

  • Pray that the KGK staff in Tokai region would love the students, and serve the work of student mission in the region, giving encouragement where it is needed.


  • Pray for good teamwork in the KGK Staff Worker team in Kansai, that they will serve the students well. Pray for the arrival of Staff Worker Asami Ishiyama who will begin working in this region. Also pray for Staff Worker Miyuki Haitaka returning from maternity leave, that her child will settle well at nursery.

  • Pray that in the new academic year many new students will join each campus and local area KGK meetings.

  • Pray for new leaders of campus groups and those service in local area and regional committees. Pray that they would work well together and be given the help they need to serve well.

  • Pray for the KGK Kansai Region New Students Welcome Meeting on May 17th-18th. (17th will be for each local area meeting, and 18th will be the whole-region meeting).

  • Pray for protection on the walk and faith of KGK Kansai Graduates. Especially pray for new graduates among them. Pray for the ‘Young Graduates’ prayer meeting on Saturday 27th April.


  • Give thanks for participants who received blessing from God by attending the regional Spring Camp in March.

  • Pray for students to be enlivened by the riches of the gospel and propelled out in mission.

  • Pray for first year students from every campus to join KGK.

  • Pray for KGK-connected not-yet-believing students to be granted salvation in Jesus.

  • Pray for student leaders to be raised up for each campus group.

  • Pray for the necessary gifts and wisdom to be given to Staff Worker Toshi Suzuki and GA Atsuki Inoue for their work of student mission. Pray that they have good teamwork for furthering the work.

  • Pray that KGK Graduate Fellowship meetings in each prefecture or area, and the online meeting for former KGK Chushikoku members, would be good times of fellowship, and would be used to raise up financial support for the work of student evangelism.

  • In February there was an in-person KGK Chushikoku Graduate Fellowship meeting – give thanks for over 30 in attendance. Pray that KGK graduates would live out of the Gospel wherever God leads them to.

  • Pray that the Lord would continue to provide everything needed for the work of student mission in the region.

  • Pray for good partnership relations with local churches, that the work of the Gospel may advance in the Chushikoku region.


  • Pray that students who attended NET, the Regional Spring Camp, and the ‘Tamago Camp’ (run by KGK for junior-high and high school students) would joyfully respond to the grace they have received.

  • Pray for a good start for each campus group this academic year, and that the Gospel would spread in each campus where God places believing students.

  • Pray for first year students to connect to KGK activities. Pray for good relationships to be built with older students in the KGK groups.

  • Pray for protection on the service of regional committee members in this new academic year, and that they would mature through serving in this way.

  • Pray for protection on the onward walk of KGK members who graduated this spring, wherever they are placed.

  • Pray for blessing on the regional KGK Graduate Fellowship, that living out of the Gospel would be encouraged in wherever God takes them, and that student ministry would be supported as a result. Pray that there might be a KGK Graduate Fellowship meeting started in Saga prefecture and Nagasaki prefecture.

  • Pray for Staff Worker Yuya Kawano, Graduate Assistant Yufu Kondo and the Volunteer Staff Worker Mr Kido to serve students well together as a team.


  • Pray for the Lord’s sustaining hand on KGK Okinawa region Staff Worker Hajime Shiroma’s work, family and health.

  • Pray for the walk of graduated KGK students in the new areas God has placed them in.

  • Pray that Staff Worker Hajime Shiroma would be building good relationships with students, graduates and churches, joining in prayer for God’s mission in Okinawa as he carries out his work.

  • Pray that through the work of KGK, the students at different universities in Okinawa would discover the joy of living in the light of the Gospel; and share that joy with others.

  • Pray for new connections with first year students and other students who don’t yet know of the work of KGK.

  • Pray for the activities of this new academic year to be rooted in the Gospel, and for careful and wise planning.

  • Pray for wisdom in deciding the activities of the KGK Okinawa Graduate Fellowship, and for mutual encouragement amongst them.


  • Currently there are around 230,000 overseas students studying in Japan, and the Japanese government is planning to increase this to 400,000 by 2033. Pray for more and more overseas students nationally to be shown the love of Christ through KGK and be accepted and welcomed.

  • Give thanks for the OCF (The Overseas Christians Fellowship ) meetings (on the 4th Saturday of each month) and the Bible study meeting (every Thursday from 6:30 to 8pm). Also give thanks for the ministry of IBC (International Bible Café). Pray for God to raise up Japanese students and graduates from across Japan with a heart to serve overseas students

  • Pray for Japanese and overseas students to together build up KGK campus activities.

  • Pray for Kobayashi Yu, who is taking over from Yuya Shimada as International Sudent Leader, for Staff Worker Chenny Thie, and also for Staff Worker Kelly Nicholas who is overseeing international student ministry in Kansai.

  • Pray that through IFES and the Lausanne Movement, global overseas student ministry partnerships would be enriched.


  • Pray that KGK General Secretary Yoshizawa Shinya, and Assistant General Secretary Yoshiki Tsukamoto, will be enabled to support the 42 Staff Workers and Graduate Assistants who are working around the country. Especially pray for new Staff Workers Luke Sinclair, Naomi Sinclair, Nohana Kobayashi, Maki Taniguchi, Keiya Kutaragi (formerly of KGK Kyushu region) and Kaho Nawatani (formerly of KGK Tohoku region).

  • Pray for protection on the daily work of the mission office Staff Workers (Department Head Yuki Takagi, Risa Karikomi, Izumi Kinoshita and Kotoha Sugiyama). Pray that they would faithfully administer the assets which the Lord has entrusted to the work of KGK.

  • We give thanks for the many graduates and churches who share the work of Student mission by prayer, financial giving, encouraging words and service. Pray that all the finance needed to sustain the work would continue to be given. May the Lord be pleased to use the work of the KGK Graduates Mission Department (Department Director Yoshiki Tsukamoto, Assistant Director Shiro Yajima, and Staff Worker Hajime Shiroma) and the work of the marketing and media section (Department Head Sosei Nagai, and Staff Workers Hisako Tsukamoto and Kakeru Yamaguchi).

  • Pray that the work of Student Mission Field Director Ryoskei Ikebuchi and Assistant Field Director Sosei Nagai would serve the activities of each region of KGK. Pray also for the Lord to use the work of the Training and Member Care Department (Head of Department Shiro Yajima, and Staff Workers Momoko Watanabe and Mayu Nakagawa), and the World Mission Department (Head of Department Yu Kobayashi).


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